July 20, 2015

Proof is in the Pudding.... er... Home Furnishings?

Today I'm reminded of pudding.  And roots.  But first: the pudding.
Let me back up...
When we first found this house, there was a man that offered to sell us his very nice couch for the low price of only $75. A great deal for the completely upholstered piece - a rarity in these parts. We jumped on it (though, not literally) and were thrilled with our new couch!
SO thrilled, that we (apparently) forgot to take a photo of it IN our actual living room- so here's the best one we have.  Bonus for the cute jam session happening.

Anyway. After nearly two years the couch was beginning to wear on us.  And wear on itself.  Several areas on the couch had the foam showing through, it was beginning to not be so comfortable anymore and even giving us backaches because of the construction (ohmygoodness we're that old now).
(look at that amazingly glorious fabric)

We tossed around the idea for several months of finding a fundi (worker/fixer) to rip it down to the logs (literally, there's logs under there), re-foam it and re-cover it. But we never found anyone that could do it.
Then a week ago we saw an add for two couches for sale.  $400 for two couches imported from the UK only 1 year ago.  A steal for sure, but we knew we didn't have that kind of cash.  We went to look at them anyway, and our suspicions were confirmed - they were amazing.  Soft, comfortable, cute, and one even folded out to a full-size bed. A steal for only $400, but we just didn't have it.  So we counter offered - and were rejected.  We walked away, hoping it would call their bluff, but it didn't.
I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty devastated.  It's not often you can find quality furniture here, and when you do it certainly will be more than $400 for two couches. After a day or so of doting on our loss, I got over it and moved on with our busy life... though I admit I prayed about it once or twice, and asked a couple friends to pray for it too.  Even though it seemed silly to pray for a new couch.
Then five days later, the lady calls me and says she will lower her price - to what we can afford.
So now we have two, very comfy couches in our living room and I am so. Happy.

(so happy that, apparently, I can't take a straight photo.) 
I think the bear is happy too, he wanted to be in my pics so bad he ran over there as soon as I got my camera out.
Just look at this gorgeous, neutral fabric! :)   :)    :)
It just makes me so happy when I look in my living room now.  It is so much more airy & bright - and it looks so much larger too!
I still want to get cushions made for the back, but I'm smitten already :)

So this little event really got me thinking (that and talking with my hubby and our missions coordinator).  The proof is really in the pudding - God does care about the small things.  He cares about the big things too, of course, (like our trip to South Africa coming up), but he also cares about the little things.  About us having furniture that better suits our home and our needs and helps us to more adequately turn our house into a home.
And that reminded me of how we stumbled upon an awesome ex-pat sale and scored some other amazing deals.
Like these beauties - for $1 each! (They're real metal/glass, working parafin lamps)
And we got this new shelf for Owen's room - so he finally has a proper bookshelf and place to store his puzzles!
Though we still haven't gotten around to painting his lime green walls...
The kid loves cards.  Anytime anyone sends him a card he has to keep it, and now instead of laying at the bottom of his closet they're displayed for him to read them daily - which he does. We also scored a camping stove that folds in on itself with 2 burners and the gas can for a whopping $10.  A new table for me to use as a desk at home, and a new tent that will better fit our family (and our 4 year old that is the size of a 6 year old - okay maybe I exaggerate).
Anyway, it just seems so amazing to me the way God has just poured out on our family the past couple of weeks - in the little things.  The things that make our house feel more like a home, the things that just make my (momma-nesting-homemaking) heart happy.

Stay tuned Check out part two... my thoughts on roots.