June 18, 2015

Just Did It

... part 2 of our "Just Do It" story continues here, if you aren't caught up hop on over and read Part 1 HERE. 

I clicked the RESERVE button and a new screen popped up after a few minutes (dial-up speeds, remember?).  It said something like, "Please go to your nearest office to pay, your tickets have been held for 48 hours."

Well.  Okay then.  I guess that's how things work here in Tanzania.
So with our tickets "held" we were excited, but still not completely feeling like it was happening.  I mean, we hadn't paid a dime... er shilling, yet, so it didn't feel real.  After texting a good friend that had used this airline before and being reassured that yes, I only need to go to the office to pay, I felt a little better.  Unfortunately, it was a Saturday, and we had to wait until Monday to pay.
Sunday we ran into town and got more cash from the ATM. The dollar is really strong right now, and it was going to cost millions (literally) of shillings to pay for the tickets, so we were pulling out what we could to cover the cost.  On the way home I received a message: "... will pay for all tickets." I gasped aloud.  Bill was driving, and I tried showing him the message on the phone.  He (of course) says, "I can't read that, what?!" So I read the message to him.  He chuckles, and so do I.  It's happened again.  As soon as we committed to a step of faith (that more support would come in, that we wouldn't be judged harshly/financially punished for taking a vacation), almost everything has been paid for.
Free lodging.  Free airfare.
And it didn't stop there.
That afternoon I was chatting with another friend who informed me of a fundraiser being held on our behalf specifically for the trip.
We are blown away by this amazing, miraculous generosity all-of-a-sudden.  God is showing off.  And we are humbled and so grateful for this.  This miracle has spoken so deeply to our hearts, to remind us that it's okay to take care of us.  Everyone needs a vacation - even missionaries that live solely off of support. 
Two days later we received over $200 and were told it is "earmarked" for South Africa (they said it was supposed to go toward tickets, but since those were taken care of we could put it toward renting a car or doing something fun while we were there).
Blown. Away.
There aren't adequate words- the ones I feel in my heart can't possibly match the words that you're reading on your screen, can't possibly be typed on my keyboard.
God cares so much for us.  In the small things, the big things. Even in our wishes and dreams of frolicking in South Africa for two weeks, adding another stamp to our passport, meeting new people, having new experiences, walking on sidewalks again (!), getting away from life for a while, dipping our toes in the icy cold ocean - it matters to him, because we matter to him. 
If this story isn't proof of that, I'm not sure what is.

To everyone that has been a part of this story, and made this possible: Thank You.  I chose to keep it anonymous but God sees every penny (or shilling, or euro, or whatever currency you use).  He sees your sacrifice and it will be honored!  Luke 6:38 says, "Give and it will be given to you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap."  Make sure your lap is ready, because there are generous blessings headed your way because you were so faithful in being generous yourselves!