March 21, 2015

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

After a long day of helping friends move, I came home with the bear and since it was well past his nap time, we agreed to watching a couple episodes of Mickey in bed to rest.  At 4:15 his show was over and he came over, laid his head on my chest and wrapped his arm around my waist.
I was in heaven.

And he was fast asleep.


About 15 minutes later he flopped over to his other side, puckered his lips a few times and continued to sleep the sweetest sleep I've ever seen.

That's when it occurred to me: rarely do we photograph sleeping kids.  Babies? Yes.  Probably more that is ever necessary.  But this moment, this sweet moment of my {almost 4 year old} toddler is one I wanted to capture and hold on to forever.  So I did just that.



And I'm in love all over again.