March 14, 2014

In Which I Want One… or Seven {but not just yet}

Last week we were headed out of town on a Teacher Excursion with plans to eat at nice restaurants, do some cultural history stuff and some shopping.  On the way out of town Bill prayed over our trip for safety, favor and that 'if there [was] an opportunity for us to minister, let us minister."
On the way home we sporadically (or not?) visited a baby home about 45 minutes away from our house.  We walked in right around dinner time. (Please pardon image (lack of) quality - armed with only my phone so I could get my hands on the littles and play! (:  )

We walked in the first room, with about a dozen or so 2-3 year olds who were sitting in their tiny plastic chairs around a table, getting their bibs snapped on and HUGE (I mean, I wouldn't be able to eat that much!) bowls of ugi set in front of them.
Armed with spoons they began digging in.
It was quite the sight to see.  Obviously they were new at this - but most of them did really well.  Several of them got at least 90% of it in their mouths and a handful of them scraped the bowl so clean it appeared to not need a washing afterward.
We meandered down the hallway, past the sleeping room.
Into the next area, where the 1 year olds were all sitting in high chairs awaiting their supper.  We started snapping on bibs, in effort to help the two workers feed all 12 (or so) kids at one time.  We each grabbed a bowl (just as big as the other bowls, and just as full!) of ugi and started shoveling :)
I was feeding Brian.  He was the sweetest.  Grinned at me all big and reached out toward me when I walked past him.  He was a good eater, and after he was done he reached out to give me a high five and was being all silly and smiley.

I (Bill here now) fed Lokosini (Swahili for 'market' - yea, I know, TIA).  He looked so small to me compared to the other kids.  He was hesitant at first, like "Who are you mzungu," but was never shying away from me, just looked  a little puzzled.  He got his food down pretty quick too and soon it was time to play.

Owen wandered over and found a sit and spin toy, each of the kids took turns riding with him and he thought it was cool that he could make it go for them.
           Owen & Brian (and another little one that REALY wanted his picture taken!)          Owen & Glory Spinning! (hence the blur!)

Little Glory was attached to my side most of the time, and wanting me to hold her.  The sweet girl is going to go to her new forever home very soon with our friends the Loudermilks.  Brian kept running around showing me everything he could do and being a ham.  The other little boy (in red, can't remember his name) really, really wanted his picture taken, so I obliged - he thought it was so cool to see himself on the front-facing camera!
I found Bill holding Lokosini, giving me the 'come hither' look.  I walked over and he said, "I think he needs a new diaper.  It feels wet."  "Yea, it's a cloth diaper honey, and they won't change it til it's really wet, so just deal with it - we'll take showers when we get home."  :) He tried putting him down to play with the other kids, but he just screamed and reached his arms up to Bill to pick him up again.  So Bill obliged, then a few minutes later tried to set him down, holding his hands so he could walk assisted, but again Lokosini threw a fit and immediately stopped after Bill was holding him.  He snuggled right into his shoulder and wouldn't let go.

It was pretty darn cute.  We later learned that Lokosini is Maasai and usually is terrified of men, won't let them near him.  {interesting}
The time came (far too quickly) for us to head out, so we said goodbye to the 1 year olds.  Glory, Brian and Lokosini clung to us pulling on our clothes as we walked away.  {hard}
We stopped in the baby house on our way out and got to peek at a handful of cute 6-11month olds that had just finished dinner and were getting changed and ready for bed.  So. cute.

While we were there, and even before we walked in I prayed God would speak to me.  We have always known we would adopt one day, even before we moved to Africa, before we had Owen.  We just knew.
God did speak to me while we were there, and what he said was: "Not just yet.  Yes.  But not just yet." And we feel a total peace about that.  We are completely content to go back as often as we get the chance to play with, feed, and love those kids, but we won't be bringing any home with us… not just yet.  :)

I love that while we had good food, learned some stuff about the culture and got in some good shopping - that this was the best part of the excursion.  Love that God honored Bill's prayer and gave us this amazing opportunity to minister to the kids (and the workers too!) by helping, playing and caring for the little ones.