March 26, 2014


You, our little bear, bring us more joy than we could have ever imagined, or even hoped for.
Each minute spent with you reveals more of the character God has placed in you.  At the sweet, young age of two and a half we are astounded at the little boy you are already becoming and we simply must document it!

We see your love language developing daily - acts of service and gift giving are your dominant ones right now.
Your endless requests to help us are so sweet and endearing.  "Momma, I help Norwex!"  "Papa, can I mop?"  "Momma, I'm sweeping leaves right now.  I'm not done yet. When I'm done I'll come eat dinner." "Papa, can I help with laundry?"  "Papa, I go get the gate with you." "Momma you need a blanket? I get it."

The way you wheel your toys around carrying 'gifts' for us is so precious.  Thy way your eyes light up when you present me or papa with one of your cars or toys shows me that you truly love seeing people have joy.  When you ask me if you can make thank you cards or pictures for others when they are nice to you, or when they give you a gift, it makes me smile inside knowing that you are beginning to understand generosity.  You are amazing at sharing - especially for a two year old!  You are always asking momma & papa if we want to share your water, your food, your toys.  And most times you are great at sharing with your friends too.  Each day you are getting better at making good choices, and recognizing the right thing to do.
Like yesterday when one of your classmates hit you really hard while you were playing.  You raised your hand to hit her back, then stopped, and remembered you should go tell the teacher in stead.  There are no words to express how proud of you we are for that simple act, Little Bear.
I'll never forget the day I saw a huge bug in the hallway and screamed and you came running to my rescue shouting "Momma!  I'll save you!  Don't worry!"  Only to discover it was, in fact, a large bug, to which you immediately shied away, "Momma, let's go to the living room where it's safe, I'll keep you safe all the time," grabbing me by the hand and leading me away from the giant insect.
I hope your little 'isms' never go away, but I'm sure they will as you continue to grow and mature.
Like the way you pronounce banana 'gobana', and the way you say 'doo-getty' for spaghetti.  The way you wrinkle up your nose and try to say in an angry voice that you don't want something, but you're really just being exponentially cuter when you do that.
I love the way you run or walk down the hallway, always looking back to see that someone is following you.
The way you say, "I'm just being si-yee!" and how your L's almost always sound like y's.
The look of concentration that comes on your face when you try and color in the lines.
Your reasoning and conversation skills that never cease to amaze us.
Your obsession with pretending to be (or hiding yourself and your animal friends from) the Baxon from Winnie the Pooh.
The way you pray before we eat, "Thank you for our food, thank you for our friends, thank you for staying home all day, thank you for power."
The way you thank me, completely unprompted for making dinner every night.  Your eagerness to help with dishes and cleaning up after eating.
There are so many things that I want to write down, so many things I never want to forget -
You are such a sweet, servant-hearted little boy, and we are so thankful God has chosen us to be your parents.