December 19, 2013


I never cease to be amazed at the things my little 2-year-old-bear says.  The kid is just so darn smart, and clever, and cute.  Yea, I'm biased because he's mine, but at any rate - I decided to keep track of some of his quotes yesterday.  This is what I ended up with.  I never want to forget this stage of his life! And the way he says his L's like Y's and purses his lips when he's making a point, nodding his head and looking out the top of his eyes.

"Momma I want a smoovie in a BIG cup." (looking at the cups) "Where'd it go? Momma can I just use your cup instead?" 
"Momma someone's calling me." (picking up his phone) "Hey-o? Pappa you calling me?" 

"Momma are you done with your smoovie and pancakes?" Not yet honey. "You can just bring em in the living room." Why? "Cause I wanna watch the movie. Just bring you smoovie. And don't forget your pancakes."

(as I am in the bathroom) "Momma, you need some pivacy? I'll cyose it a yittle bit with my stool here so it doesn't open. This is toyet paper. Use it when you poop. Put it in the toyet."

"Momma you know where my washcloth is? I just go wipe my nose I be right back."

(after I walked back into his room from getting a drink) "Momma I finished buiding your house cause you didn't finish it." Oh thank you sweetie, that was really nice of you. "Yea.  Here ya go it's finished. I did this part."

(after handing papa his leftover sliced apple with peanut butter) "Here ya go papa." Thanks buddy. "Yea. It has peanut butter ah-ready."

"Momma you put my oatmeal in the micowave?  I want it code." 

"Papa put music on. I needa dance."

(at bedtime) "My mouth hurts momma. I needa go potty cause my mouth hurts."

There are no words for how much I love this kid.  No. Words.  :)