May 15, 2013

I'm Two Now!

The week leading up to O's birthday we would tell him, "You're going to be two on Saturday!  Are you excited?"  He'd reply, "YEAH!"
Then on his actual birthday, when he got up in the morning, I said, "Bear, happy birthday!  You're two now!" And he'd say, "Yeah!"  Then before we came downstairs for the morning I said, "Owen, it's your birthday, are you excited?"  And he said, "I'm two now!" just as clear as day.  It was so cute!
He requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast, so of course I obliged, it was his birthday after all!  Afterward we spent time playing and relaxing.
Papa got home around 11am and brought a surprise that even I didn't know about... a HUGE balloon shaped like a guitar... that played music.  Owen was ecstatic!


We had a few of his buddies over later on for a little celebration and he had so much fun playing with all his friends (both young and old)!  He loved it when everyone sang happy birthday to him - he thought that was pretty cool!  When he was eating his cupcake I bent down and kissed him on the cheek and asked if he was having fun.  He said, "Mmmhmm." and then quietly added, "sing again?"  He wanted everyone to sing again.  A. Dorable.


He LOVED his blackbean cupcake!

He had fun opening presents!

Sunday we continued his birthday celebration with a special family trip to the NC Transportation Museum.  He got to see lots of trains, old and new, lots of cool airplanes and some cars too.  But his favorite part (I'm pretty sure) was getting to ride on a real, live train for almost 25 minutes!  
Showing me his train ticket 
The conductor let him help punch the ticket! 

Little Bear, we can not believe that it has been two years since we held you for the first time.  You have grown into such a sweet, and smart little boy!  You astound us each day with the words you know, the sentences you form and the concepts you understand.  Your willingness and eagerness to help anyone that needs it shows us that you truly have a servants heart, and we can't wait to see you grow into the boy God has made you to be.  We love you, and we look forward to celebrating you every day!
~ Momma & Papa