April 25, 2013


So it's been like seventy years since I blogged.  Sorry about that.  :-/

Let's do a quick re-cap of what's happened since our return to the States:
(Get your clicky-finger ready - there's lots of links!)

~ We heard the clear voice of God (separately, but at the same time/place) that we're to move to Tanzania.  In August.  Of this year.  Yup. (more on that here.  Also, you can sign up over there ----------------------------------------------------------------------->
for our newsletter! (down a bit, where it says "sign up for our newsletter")  :)
~ I started selling Norwex and am LOVING it!  Seriously I love cleaning with water, not using chemicals and knowing that it is really clean! And I am not just saying that because I sell it, I really believe in this stuff and use it every day!
~ I'm still delivering cloth diapers twice a week, and between that and Norwex, I stay quite busy!
~ My photography clients got wind of our move and got all crazy (in a good way!) - I'm booked all the way through June already! :)
~ Bill's company (Pepsi Co.) got bought out and is in transition.  That's been fun. (sarcasm)
~ Owen & I went out to Phoenix for a few days to see gramma before our move and to celebrate her 50th Birthday.  That was tons of fun! (no sarcasm)

He rode carnival rides for the FIRST time ever without us! And he loved it!
Great Grandpa & Helen made a surprise visit - he hadn't 'seen' them since the day he was born!  He bonded quickly though!

~ We're getting ready to celebrate O's 2nd birthday!  I cannot believe this little peanut is about to turn 2.

Okay so I can.  If you hang around him for any length of time you'd believe it to.  The kid is a genius (no bias here) and has an amazing vocabulary, awesome guitar and drumming skills and the adorable face to boot.

~ Our church is gearing up for the Liberty Offering and that makes me super excited.  God always moves in big ways for us during this time and we're excited to see how he moves this year.  I've decided to offer photography lessons as a way to raise money, but outside of that Bill & I always give too.  Usually we take a few weeks to pray about it individually then come together and see if God gave us the same number.  This year we knew right away - on the way home from church.  It was SO crazy, and funny - and it really makes me excited for it all!
~ Speaking of money - we paid off our last credit card this month!  WAHOO!  Now all that's left is a bit of medical debt, a car and student loans.  I think I'll be paying off my student loans until I'm 100.  Sheesh.
~ Also speaking of money (enter shameless plug here) if you'd like to become a supporter and help us get to Africa we would really appreciate it!  We're seeking 100 people to commit to $25/month (though any amount is helpful!!) plus we need about $4000 for start-up costs (plane tickets, etc).  If you'd like to donate you can use the big donate button at the top of the page or just click here.  (Don't forget to choose our name from the drop-down menu!) Donations are made through Freedom House Church and are completely secure, you can even set it up to automatically deduct from your account each month so you don't have to worry about remembering!
~ Hmmm... what else has happened... I think that is all.  My brain is fried, and still a bit jet-lagged from that trip to Grammas.

So there's a quick update - I promise I'll try and be better about keeping up!