February 26, 2013

In which I get HOT

This is day 5 on the ground in Tanzania and just yesterday is when I really started to feel hot. Not in temperature (it's been hot since we arrived!) but in spirit. I suppose it has to do with jet lag a little, but I also know that part of it was Satan trying to wiggle in. I recognized it right away- I was feeling 'blech'. Not physically, but emotionally. I wasn't as excited to be here as I thought I would be – or even as I was the first few moments we arrived. I just felt normal. Like we were just 'living'. Doing the day-to-day thing. But as soon as I recognized that I was lukewarm I spoke it out. I told someone that I felt that way and talking about it made me realize that I had to speak life and vision to turn things around. So that's what I did, and I prayed, asking God for eyes to see what he'd have us to see while we're here. I also prayed for the jet lag to be over, I'm sure that wasn't helping my emotions either.
So yesterday was an amazing day. I was really feeling... it. Whatever 'it' is. I had a chance to sit with the missionaries and talk about life in Moshi. We got a lot of good info that I'm keeping track of in my journal. I was able to get a good look at what the general cost of living looks like – how much renting a house typically costs, cost for buying appliances, a car, etc. We'll also be moving over to the apartment soon too and I'm pretty excited about it. It's been awesome staying at the Street's home but I'm ready to be on our own. To buy our own groceries, cook meals and get settled in. Plus with that baby coming soon I definitely don't want to be a burden to them! I got the down low on where to go for what groceries last night, where you can find the best selection and prices, things like that. So once we do move over to the apartment we'll go shopping and start our life in Moshi... at least for the next three weeks :)
Connections are starting to fall in line too. We got a cell phone while we're here and have already got things in the works to meet with the director of the international school the Street's are on the board of. I plan to go in there at least one day while we're here and volunteer in the 3rd/4th grade class or maybe even teach a lesson. We'll also be going to a baby's home, an orphanage, and of course going to the property at the House of Hope to see the progress and look over the plans for the other buildings.
I'm really so glad that I got out of the funk. It feels so much better to be HOT than lukewarm. I'm excited, so excited at what God is going to continue to reveal to us while were here!