October 05, 2011

I Am Not A Circus Monkey.

I do
a few
new tricks
I like to show off.

like roling over from back to belly.
and also like
sitting up
all by myself.
because I'm a big boy.
And I do love applause and praise.
But I'm not a circus monkey.

*Owen has been a rolling machine!  He is constantly rolling from his back to his belly... but he seems to have forgotten how to roll from his belly to his back (even though that was the first way he learned to roll... over two months ago!).  He hangs out on his tummy until he's tired of it then he fusses until we turn him back over.  He's also done amazing at sitting up all on his own.  I've seen him sit up all by himself on the floor for up to 10 minutes!  He falls over occasionally but it doesn't get him down, he's a tough guy. :)
Also, for the record, he's got two bottom teeth in now - haven't been able to snap a pic of them yet though, his tongue always comes out when I try!