October 20, 2011

3 Seconds

I keep meaning to blog about these things and I keep forgetting... so now that I have three seconds to blog real quick here it goes:

Owen's new favorite game is Peek-A-Boo.  We tried it the other night (okay, really it was like two weeks ago) when he was sitting in the middle of our bed... I crouched down so he couldn't see me by the foot of the bed (our bed is really high, like up to my hips) and I popped up and said, "peeeeeeek".  And he gave me this big open-mouthed grin.  Then I hid again, crawled around to the side, and did it again and he let out an all-out-open-mouthed-grinning-belly-laugh.  He loves it!  We don't really do the cover-your-eyes-kind-of-peek-a-boo thing, we do the hide-behind-the-door-or-around-the-corner type and he loves it.  In fact, the other day (really, it was just the other day) O and I were waking up and I sat him up on the bed while I was still laying next to him (Bill had already left for work) and he was looking all around the bed trying to see over the edge waiting for Papa to peek out.  It was so cute!

Also he's been really working on his B and P sounds lately... sometimes he gets so excited about it he purses his lips together really tight and blows and a mountain of bubbles will come out. 

Ummm... I think that's about it.  He'll be getting his first haircut soon... it's getting pretty shaggy :)  I will probably only do the back though because 1) I'm scared enough just trying to trim his mullet off the back and 2) I kind of like the way his hair is long and sweepy in the front. :) 
And what's a post without a picture or three?