July 09, 2011

some things

Here are some things that have been going on lately:
Owen had his first 4th of July! We dressed him up in a cute little outfit we got from a friend at church - it was perfect for the holiday!

After church was nap time....
Then we packed up and headed to the US National Whitewater Center for the 4th of July festivities. We've been to the USNWC before for Whitewater rafting and other such fun - we LOVE the place! And I must say walking through the entrance again made me want to hop on one of those boats so bad! Here's a couple photos from our last trip.

Anyway, we got there around 7, so we just walked around with Owen in the stroller and hung out while we waited for the sun to go down and the fireworks to start. 
 We did a change into PJ's for Owen as it got later so it'd be an easy transfer to bed when we got home, and afterward I was sitting on those rocks holding him and he fell asleep.  :)  So sweet, with all the bajillion people around, the live band and everything, he was knocked out.
Luckily he woke up before the fireworks started.  I didn't get any pics of the fireworks, or of his expressions watching them because I was too busy holding his head to my chest and covering his ear with my other hand :)  But he LOVED them!  The noise didn't bother him at all - he never even flinched!  He was doing such a great job following and tracking the fireworks in the sky... his eyes would get real big for the bigger brighter ones, it was very cute to watch!
So overall we had a great 4th of July - even though we did the festivities on the 3rd :)

Other things:
Owen has been reaching for and grabbing things lately!  It takes a LOT of concentration and sometimes a little help from us to actually grab something hard - like the rattle in the picture - but he's doing really great at grabbing on to softer things like his blanket or puppy dog!
He's also really into sitting up these days.  He can't sit up on his own yet of course, but he loves sitting up while we hold his back or by leaning into the corner of the couch.  He's just getting to be such a big boy!
He's been doing great with his head control lately too.  He has a hard time looking up still, but he does great at holding it steady straight forward!
Standing up is one of his 'likes' too.  We are so amazed at how strong his legs are!  When we hold him up so he can stand, we're only balancing him, he's holding up all his weight (all 14 pounds!) on his own!
He's becoming a mover and a shaker!  When he's laying down on his back his arms and legs are going a million miles a minute!  Notice the blur that is his hand in this photo!  It's so cute to watch... and is the cause of many towels sopping wet during bath time :)  The past few baths he's been drenching us pretty good with all his splashing!

He's also learning to fistbump :)  He holds his fist out a lot so we've been teaching him how to fist bump then blow it up... he doesn't get the blow it up part yet  :)   
Sometimes he puts both of them up and it looks like he's driving a motorcycle so we make the sound effects for him and he smiles :)

Drool has been pouring out of the little one's mouth lately too!  Not quite as bad as a teething child, but his salivary glads are maturing and causing lots of spit bubbles and drool bombs! :)  Can you see them in these pics?
And the last thing, that I can think of to mention, is the war we have going on.  It's the Paci VS the Fingers.  Sometimes the paci wins... but sometimes the fingers do.  He's become pretty adamant at times about sucking on his fingers.  He can get 'em in there now and he just goes to town... drool pouring everywhere and very loud sucking noises to boot.  
Sometimes if we swap out the paci for the fingers he's okay with it, but if he's not tired, and he's just sucking to suck - he usually prefers his fingers. Oh, and now that I'm thinking about it (it kind of goes hand-in-hand) he's been snuggling things lately when he sucks his fingers (or has his paci) like a blanket, or his puppy dog.  It's so flippin' cute!
Whew, yea, that was a lot.  This little one is growing and changing by the minute!  I am so blessed that I get to stay home with him all day to see these little things and to capture them on camera!  I love being a momma!