January 12, 2011


Remember last summer when I went to Africa, loved on kids at The Father's House and probably had my life changed more than I changed their lives?  Well, if you don't, you can start reading about it HERE.  :)

Well, there's another team there right now

and they just got back from rescuing the first eight boys that will live permanently at The Father's House!  I'm so flippin' excited!!! 

When I was there last summer, Father's house was just a few coats of paint, a couple pipes, and some bedding away from being ready to house kids permanently...

and now it's ready! 

God's Way, Gideon, Francis, Clement, Julius, Emay, Devance, and God's Way all now call the Father's House home.  The best thing is that they were all rescued from a life of slavery on Lake Volta. 

Matt & Tammy Garrett (co-founders of TFH, our life group leaders and friends) took a team of 6, including Jake (the guy I went with that had long hair) and his wife, Chanda who are going to be living at TFH for a whole year!  It's so awesome what God can do and I just wanted to thank those of you that prayed, continue to pray and that supported me financially when I went! 

If you want to see more, check out the video I've linked HERE, or head over to The Father's House website here.  You can even get involved by sponsoring one of the kids - it doesn't cost much and it makes SUCH a difference!!!  OR - if you have a business or know of one that could donate supplies, that always helps!