September 14, 2015

From Six to Seven

Six Times.
Six times in two weeks.

(1) In a house that was not my own.

(2) Watching my boy run, jump, climb & play

(3) Watching the sun dip down behind the Indian Ocean

(4) Exploring, climbing and discovering with my guys in coral and caves

(5) Driving through amazing scenery

(6) Praying for new friends
{What, did you think I really took a picture while we were praying?! I'm not a heathen! }

Six times in two weeks I was moved to tears.  The kind that hurt your insides trying to get out.  The kind that turn your face all red and splotchy and feel like fire falling down your face.
The kind of tears that say - to a God who is so mighty, so awesome and so beyond-my-scope-of-understanding- : Thank You.
Thank you for loving me { this } much.  Thank you for caring for me more than I take the time to care for myself.  Thank you for showing up BIG.  Thank you for the tiny details.  Thank you for room to breathe.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you seems so trite. Not enough.  But the thing is, I am enough.  And He knows.  He knows what we need to survive the day to day.  He knows the grace we need each moment.  And he knows how to lavish love on us.  And this trip.  This trip was so much lavishing love that I could not contain my emotions, my tears of joy.
Six times.

                             *                                        *                               *
... and now there is a Seventh.
I see the number of completion upon this... Six times has turned to Seven.

But I'll save that story for another time.