February 17, 2010


Lately I've been feeling unsatisfied. Not with my husband or anything like that - but with my job. It just isn't fulfilling anymore. I'm thinking this is not what God has in mind for my 'final outcome'. Our pastor a couple weeks ago asked us to think about the desire's of our hearts. He said that God puts those there and if we go after those desires they will become a reality because it's what God ultimately wants for us. So Bill and I talked about it - my desire is to get out of debt and be able to help others financially (missionaries, etc). His is to be a missionary. In college I seriously thought about being a missionary teacher - someone that goes out in the mission field, and teaches other missionaries' kids. I never thought much about it though, after 'reasoning' through things. Then last week pastor said, "re
asoning things through will always give you reasons NOT to do what you're heart is leading you toward." So I've been thinking about it and it's been overwhelming my mind lately. It's really got me thinking about getting out of debt and getting things in order so this desire that is in our hearts can become a reality. Yes, it's a lot of work. Yes, there are a lot of reasons to NOT do it. But the way I see it, God put that desire on BOTH of our hearts, He's not gonna let us fail if we seek Him and His ways.