April 05, 2014

Saturdays {sometimes} Look Like


Relaxing for an episode of Curious George while Momma makes breakfast.
With his Curious George friend, of course. 

Raisin bread French toast with home made fresh raspberry compote.

Wandering around our back yard, picking oranges and lemons.
The oranges aren't typically orange here - usually green, sometimes yellow.  The lemons are down in front - very normal and VERY delicious! 

Looking at, and sometimes picking a few of, the flowers in our garden.

Laundry.  Always laundry on a Saturday.

Play time.  Always play time with the bear.
 Pointing to his water tower.  There's always a water tower when he builds. #thirdculturekid

Building, choo-choo-ing.

Knocking, crashing, scooping.

Running, wheeling.


A relaxing afternoon at Melinda's Tea garden.
photo cred: melissa stiver
photo cred: melissa stiver

photo cred: melissa stiver
Delicious, special treats.


Fun at the playground with his friend Colin.

Games and entertainment for participants and spectators.

A message for all about God's great love.

What do your Saturdays {sometimes} look like?
I'd love to hear from you! If you're a blogger, feel free to link up in the comments section below about what your Saturdays look like!