April 07, 2014

"Hey God"

Upon realizing I wasn't feeling well at all, our two year old, sitting beside me on the bed, looks at his papa and asks, "Papa, can you pray for momma cause she doesn't feel very good."
"Of course," he replies, "do you want to pray too?"
"Yea. I hold this hand so you can hold the other one."

The each grab a hand and Owen starts, "Hey God, please can you heal momma.  Take all the pain away so she can feel better.  You can make her feel allllll better.  Take all the pain away."

*cue tears.

He then offers me his puppy and paci (his comfort items) and his new Curious George doll.

A couple minutes later, "Momma! I wanna give you a present.  It will make you feel better.  Close your eyes (lowering his voice to a whisper) it's gonna be reeealll special."

He brings me his airplane - his most prized toy - and proceeds to tell me I can keep it because it's special and it's a present.  I can keep it 'all night long.'

There are no words for this, just that I had to document our sweet boy's heart and words.