December 16, 2015

12 {more} Signs We've Adapted to Life Overseas

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31) We can tell who's driving down our road based on the sound their car makes.

31) Similarly, we can also tell who's at our gate by the sound of their horn's honk.

32) When I saw pre-shredded & packaged cheese at the supermarket, I took a picture of it.  I'm so used to buying block cheese (and for a pretty penny at that), it was hard to believe the shredded stuff was there. (But no way was I paying that price for it!)

33) No one in our family is any longer afraid of tarantulas.

34) We know which insects/critters/things to kill or get rid of, and which ones to leave alone because they're harmless or helpful (by eating mosquitoes or something) - whether inside our house or in the vicinity of it.

35) Christmas/Birthday shopping happens a year (or more) in advance.  Usually when we're on furlough in a developed country.

36) I get more excited about a bin full of random tupperware lids or mis-matched legos than I do about the traditional woven baskets, sculptures and other ric-rac to be found at a Christmas fair.

37) We are no longer surprised, offended or otherwise alarmed upon seeing an entire roasted goat straight off the spit, which a huge log running through the length of his body, in the rear and out the mouth.

38) There is no sense of shock from our four year old when he nonchalantly states that said goat "didn't have any eyeballs but, he still had his horns on."

39) "Expired" is a loose term.  Especially in regards to (but not limited to) non-edibles.
      *Example: I've eaten a Reece's Cup we found in the fridge 18months after we'd received it. Those things are gold, you don't just throw them away.

40) When we don't get what we order at a restaurant we don't expect (or receive) any rectification.
      *Example: At a restaurant I ordered chicken skewers, which were listed as being accompanied by a peanut sauce. When the server brought them out and they were bare, with no sauce on the side I asked him about it. "We are all out of peanut sauce," he replied, "But I could bring you tartar sauce instead." Um. No. And the peanut sauce was the whole reason I ordered the chicken skewers in the first place.  SMH
      *Example 2: Bill ordered fish tacos, at a place we usually get fish tacos at. When they came to the table, the insides of the tacos were atop pieces of white bread. "We're out of tortillas," the server explained politely before walking away. Yep.

41) I can tell you which police you actually need to stop for, which ones you can avoid eye contact with and keep driving past, and which ones are actually legit when they try charging you a fine.  I can also tell you it's best to tailgate big trucks or busses when coming up to a checkpoint because the police can't see you in time to pull you over and you can just scoot right on by.

42) On more than one occasion we've had at least 9 grown people in our car.  Which seats 5.

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