March 20, 2015

The Poison Apple

"We played a game at play time today, the Poison Apple Game."

Oh yea?  How do you play that game?

"Well, Joe* had an apple and he gave it to me and I ate it and then I fell down."

You ate a poisoned apple? And then you fell down?

"No. I didn't eat a poison apple!"

No, no, no I know you didn't eat a real poison apple - but in the game you ate a pretend poison apple? And then it killed you?

"Yea! It was just pretend."

Oh, okay, so then what?

"Joe prayed for me and I got up!"

Wow! So Jesus healed you?

"Yep. He prayed for me and Jesus got me up!"

// Let me never take for granted that my child, at three years old, thinks miracles of rising the dead and supernatural healing are such a normal part of life that it becomes a playground game. //

*name changed for privacy

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